Neil Haven Playwright
Tickets are on sale for Who Killed Santa? running Dec 11-31 in St Francis just south of Bay View. 
This year we are also running Neil's Dirty Shorts - A series of six inappropriate comedies performed by the same cast.  Check it:

Lots of fun on the horizon!

October 12th and 13th at 7:30pm - Free Reading of Neil's Dirty Shorts - Seven Inappropriate Comedy Plays and Sketches. This will be held at the Tiny Parrot Playhouse.  Info here:

Come Back will be playing at UW-Whitewater October 6-12 with a rotating cast with different genders.

Come Back will see its professional premiere at In Tandem Theatre in Milwaukee opening in February 2015.

This December, we will be mounting Who Killed Santa again, this time at the Soulstice Theatre space in St. Francis, Wisconsin. We will be double-billing the run with a full production of Neil's Dirty Shorts. Check for updates.
Who Killed Santa will be returning to Milwaukee this January, once again featuring Dan Katula's glorious puppets and Bo Johnson in a tutu. This year we will be running for the first two weeks of January at the Underground Collaborative at the Grand Avenue Mall downtown.   Check their website for updates soon Info will also be on our website soon as well. In the meantime you can see the preview video there.

The Best Laid Plans, a ten-minute comedy, will be produced by Bindlestiff Studios in San Francisco Feb '14 as part of The Love Edition Festival.

The Playdaters has had an active year. It was presented at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez, Alaska in May 2013, followed by a production in the Philly Fringe in September. Local arts paper The Phindie gave it two awards:  "Most likely to make you clutch your friend in an attempt to control  yourself" and "Best Troll" to actor Dana Kreitz. The Playdaters will be produced by Madlab Theatre in Columbus Ohio August-Sept '14.  They will be debuting the flipped-gender female version in rep with the original male version.
Come Back,  a comedy about death by Neil Haven, will have a unique two-show staged reading Saturday May  4th and Sunday May 5th at the  Arcade Theatre in the Underground Collaborative at the Grand Avenue Mall. 

Tickets and info at (If not up yet, it will be posted soon.)

Audience members will  be invited to take part in the development of the play. 
After each show there will be a discussion and  feedback session with the playwright and cast to help with final revisions of the script. Beer and wine will be

Sky, a mild-mannered graphic designer prone to anxiety attacks, is compelled to trek across the country "with an elderly parrot and his friend in a bucket." Erin, a bird rehabber and Sky's closest friend, recently succumbed to cancer and left a surprise in her will: Sky is responsible for her remains. Upon satisfactory completion of the incredible journey she has arranged for him, he will receive the bulk of her estate. The itinerary delivers him to all of the unconventional places and people that will do something kooky with one's
cremains. From infused bullets to a launch into low orbit, Sky must choose the most fitting final resting place for his lost companion.  
Erin thoroughly attended to every detail of the journey, but forgot to
consider one factor: her mother. Val would much prefer that her daughter be interred in the extensive family cemetery plot.  Unable to override Erin's legally-protected last wishes, Val tracks down Sky and joins him on the trip, hoping to sway his opinion toward the traditional burial choice.  Coupled oddly, they embark on a journey in Erin's memory to explore grief, death, souls, and soul mates.    
Double  Casting
All of the main characters in Come Back may be performed as either
male or female.  The gender pronouns used in the synopsis above are all flexible. 
Sky may be a woman; Val may be Aaron's father or his/her mother.  The staged reading will be double-cast so that audiences can see two  versions of the play. Audience members are encouraged to attend
both shows to experience the change.
 For example, the protagonist will be
female for one show and male for the next. Other characters will be switched as
The variance in gender results in curious changes in the audiences'
preconceptions about the character relationships. Certain lines and moments take
on different meaning. People have very different notions about a male-female
companionship versus a female-female companionship, a strained father-son
relationship versus mother-daughter.  

Seeing the same
story and dialogue performed with varied genders enhances the themes resonant
with the modern shift in ideas concerning the freedom to define our own
relationships, marriages, love, and companionship.  

Who Killed Santa is back at Carte Blanche Studios in Milwaukee Dec 14 - 30th.  Tickets and info

WKS is also enjoying a compeltely  sold out run at Bluebarn Theatre in Omaha Nebraska! Thanks Bluebarn!  
Who Killed Santa will return to Carte Blanche Studios December 2012
The crazy puppet musical with four different endings will be back for more.  Our critically-acclaimed one-of-a-kind irreverent holiday show is slated for a three week run at Carte Blanche Studios in the Walker's Point neighborhood of downtown Milwaukee. 

Check for more info.

Other playwriting news:

My educational one-act Bullies and Bonobos, commissioned by The Kohl's Wild Theatre at the Milwaukee Zoo, will be touring schools starting next fall.

I'm working a new script dealing with death, parrots, and road trips.  It's very exciting.
Watch the preview, get tickets, get DISCOUNT tickets and more now through Nov 20! 
Pink Champagne has been uncorked in Milwaukee! It runs through June 5th at The Tenth Street Theatre. Tickets are here:

Here's what's being said about the production:
I'm in Mesa, AZ through March, 2011, working for Southwest Shakespeare. I will be appearing as Lysander in Midsummer and Jack in the Importance of Being Earnest.

Through Southwest Shakes' Education Dept I be teaching a five-week  INTRODUCTORY PLAYWRITING COURSE starting in February. Fun stuff. Look here for more info.

Next production:

Pink Champagne ------ May 20th - June 5th at The Tenth St Theatre in Milwaukee, produced by Uprooted Theatre and the Milwaukee Gay Arts Center.

I will be performing in the first Milwaukee Shakespeare in the Park this June.  Optimist Theatre presents The Tempest on the Alverno campus.  The show is FREE!
I will then be producing, directing, and acting in my one-act comedy, The Playdaters.  Three nights only at The Tenth St theatre in Milwaukee, Aug 26-28th, followed by five performances at the Chicago Fringe Festival Sept 1-5.  Adults only for this one. 

Pink Champagne will have another staged reading, June 11th, at 6pm, at Pridefest, presented by Uprooted Theatre and The Milwaukee Gay Arts Center.  They will fully produce Pink Champagne in May 2011.